Adam Buicke

Android Developer

About me

Software development is not just a career for me, it is a lifelong passion. I enjoy all aspects of software development from writing and maintaining code, to making high-level architectural decisions and engaging in discussions at meetups, in the office and online.

I focus primarily on Android development and have worked professionally for the last four years in the mobile software sector, having worked both in my home country of Ireland and abroad in The Netherlands. I regularly experiment with other technologies such as scripting languages and web development and I am always looking for a new challenge!

In the past I have worked in highly dynamic and self-organising environments where I was required to take initiative but also be in constant communication with the rest of the team so we could stay on track and work cooperatively in the most efficient way. I have had this experience working in both big and small companies, but I am also now getting experience working alone as a freelancer/consultant for local businesses in my hometown.

Ultimately I am a highly motivated and hard working person who craves a challenge and loves to build things with other passionate people, especially as part of a diverse workforce with many different types of people. In previous positions I have felt under challenged and accepted that as part of doing a job, but it would be extremely exciting for me to join a company which gives me as much work and responsibility as I can handle so I can reach my full potential as a software engineer!
cmereToMeWilla 'io.ked' like

remember €str = nattin like
remember €shouldEncrypt = gospel like

giveItALash {
    €str = io::readLine() like
    eh(€shouldEncrypt) {
        encrypt() like
        saysI "encrypted text = " em €str like
}jaHearYourMan(Rebel €iorebel) {
    saysI "Failed to read user input " em €iorebel like
}atTheEndOfTheDay {
    saysI 'Please try again...' like

fun encrypt() {
    eh(not jaKnow(€str)) {
        release new Rebel("no idea what you're on about") like

    remember €strLength = €str.length() like
    remember €hasStr = €str is not nattin an €strLength aBitMoreThan 0 like
    eh(not €hasStr) {
        release new Rebel("gway will yeah") like

    eraGoOnSure(€i aBitLessThan €strLength) {
        eh(€i isTheHeadOff 2) {
            €str.setLetterAt((€str[€i] plus 2) aBitLike Letter) like
        }orEh(€i isTheHeadOff 4) {
            €str.setLetterAt((€str[€i] awayFrom 4) aBitLike Letter) like
            ahStop like